Thank you all for the SWEET messages of love on this happy day — the 10th anniversary of Eat Pray Love.

Those of you who are subscribers to my LizNews Newsletter already got a special gift in their inboxes this morning, but now I wanted to open the gift to all of you.

If you go to my website here and click on the right, where it says "EXCERPT", you will see the first chapter of my new novel "The Signature of All Things" — made public today for the first time!

I also put up there the images of ALL the foreign covers (so far!) for the novel, from all the foreign publishers…so you will be able to see how the book will look all over the world when it is published (27 days from now!!!) on October 1.

Thank you for all the journeys you have taken with me so far in my life, everyone…and I hope you'll enjoy this one, too!


The excerpt can be found HERE:


ALL my love and gratitude,

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