Dearest Loved Ones —

Thank you so much for the gorgeous rush of warm reaction to the reveal of the beautiful British cover of "The Signature of All Things!" (Wow. That sentence had a lot of "of's" in it!) I want to take a moment and answer all the questions that came at me in the last day, regarding the book, the cover, and, indeed, ALL THINGS…ready! Let's go:

Q: Why can't the American and British editions of the book have the same cover?

A: Because they are different publishers! Entirely different companies! They have different art directors! They have different visions! They live in different countries, even! Different hopes and dreams! In fact, all my different publishers around the world will be designing different covers for the novel, and as new design comes in, I SHALL REVEAL IT UNTO YOU! That's the fun part. I get to end up with a library filled with several dozen copies of my same book, but each one unique.

Q: When will we get to see the American cover?

A: Oh, my friends, you have no idea what's about to hit you. Just wait, I tell you. Just wait. And if you want the first look at the American vision, sign up for my LizNews newsletter (either by clicking the link at the top of this page, or going to the sign-up on the opening page of Do it fast! Because the news is coming in a few days! And it's gonna blow your mind. Trust me.

Q: I am neither English nor American. When is "The Signature of All Things" coming to MY COUNTRY?

A: Don't panic! Nearly all the countries where "Eat, Pray, Love" was published will eventually have their own translations and publications of this novel! Your book may come to you a bit later, because it takes time to translate such a long story, but you will eventually get it, I promise! I will let you know when each country publishes. I may even come to visit your country! Probably in early 2014, when my American tour is done. (But if you are German or Dutch or Canadian, I will see you in November 2013!)

Q: When are you coming to Southern California?

A: Oh, Southern California — how eager you are to get things first! I will be visiting your sun-kissed land In early October, on my "Signature" book tour! Keep your eyes on this page for full book tour info, once the dates are all set!

Q: How long is "The Signature of All Things"?

A: My friends, it is 500 pages long. Because it's an epic, you see. Because it's an epic. It reads like a breeze, though, don't worry. Gallops right along. You'll eat it in one sitting. Action-adventure, and all that. Love, passion, ambition, plot twits, danger, etc. It won't feel a paragraph over 450 pages, I promise.

Q: I find it difficult to hold a hardcover book in my hands (!) when is the paperback coming?

A: The paperback will be published one year after the hardcover, which means: October 2014. So if you want to read the book this year, you're going to have to start doing push-ups, people, and get your guns in shape by autumn to lift up the damn hardcover, OK? Jeez! Get serious about your arm-fitness!

Q: When will signed copies be available at Two Buttons?

A: I will have signed copies for you in October at Two Buttons, when the book is out! Till then, though, you may pre-order the novel through normal channels — i.e. the links listed here:
OR, you can still buy signed copies of all my other books here:

Q: Are you going to read the audiobook for "The Signature of All Things"?

A: No way, dudes! While I loved reading the audiobooks for EPL and Committed, and while it felt right to read them (because I was telling my own story and it would have seemed odd for me to have that coming out of a stranger's voice), I am not nearly a good enough actor to do justice to the many characters (and the many accents, from many time periods) of "The Signature of All Things" We're gonna have to get somebody with really serious acting chops to DO IT RIGHT. I'm imagining a fabulous, seasoned stage actress with a rich, honeyed voice. Any suggestions?

Q: Can you give me a quick synopsis of the novel?

A: Yes! It's an epic tale of 19th century botanical exploration, ambition, love, nature, adventure, and yearning. Starring a strong female lead named Alma Whittaker, who has become so very real to me that it is impossible for me to remember anymore than I invented her. Hopefully, she will come to feel real to you, too.

Q: Any other questions?

A: No! But do sign up for the LizNews newsletter pronto, because in the next 48 hours, something crazy this way comes! And you're gonna want to see it first.

Love you guys. This is wicked fun.

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