Age 9.

I dug out this photo this afternoon, to illustrate further the conversation below! Here I am in fourth grade, 1978. Is it a girl? Is it a boy? Who knows? Does it have a wandering, lazy eye? Sure! Does it have a bowl haircut? Sure! Is it a happy child? Totally! When I am feeling my most free, this is who I still am.

Super fascinating answers to today's question. As some of you have pointed out — the older women seem to feel younger than their ages, while the younger women are more likely to talk about feeling old, burdened, heavy. In a culture where youth is considered a real accomplishment and age is considered terrifying, this is fascinating information. It seems we do get lighter and more free somehow as we age…? With wisdom comes release? Hang in there, young struggling ones! Soon you may be 9 years old again, like us happy old ladies!


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall