A video about POWER READING!

Hey everyone — I'm going to be appearing at BEA (Book Expo America) at the end of May in NYC, and they recently made this little video as part of a cool promo they are doing on "Power Readers". Am I am power reader? Hell yeah, people! Full-on! Rock and read, lock and load! As I imagine most of you are, as well…

ANYHOW, if you can make it, come to BEA in New York on Saturday June 1…I'm going to be appearing on stage with the great Wally Lamb, in a really cool chat for something they are calling "The Ultimate Book Club Event." We will be hanging out after and mingling…should be fun!

Also, I'll be signing books on Friday at 2pm!

Come meet me…also it's like WORLD OF BOOKS AND AUTHORS, folks. It's pretty cool!

Here's all the info about my event at BEA:


Enjoy the video, and a toast to all the Power Readers out there!


BEA Power Reader: Elizabeth Gilbert
Elizabeth is participating at the Ultimate Book Club Experience with renowned author Wally Lamb at BookExpo America (BEA) on Saturday, June 1. Join us for a …

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