A SECOND copy of SOAT for a (very sweet) nervous traveler! Thanks, Tina!

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I'm currently somewhere over the middle of the our country at 38,000 feet. I'm not a "good flyer" so I have some "traditions" when I fly. My beloved Grandmother's bracelet is one. Interestingly enough when I got to the airport I realized I forgot my book, but knew it would bring "focus and peace" during an axious few hrs. So guess what. I bought another one at the airport. Yep, you're worth two copies. On a related note. EPL changed my life…I only have one copy of that thought…and it's the only book besides my beloved bible that has notes and highlighter marks throughout. It's worn and beat up looking. But I cherish it like many other worn and beat up things…because in those crinkles and diet coke and coffee stains there is a story within a story. Just wanted to share and thank you today. ❤️

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