A really sweet story…grow, little rescued daisies, grow!

Photos of Elizabeth Gilbert
Dear Liz,
Just wanted to share some beauty with you. I have been rescuing plants. To start with, I am a born rescuer of people, animals and now plants. These plants are cast offs from stores on clearance and with some TLC, water and great soil, they come back. I have been growing a pot garden the last few months. It's not what you think, but I thought I would show you how once dead plants blossom and bloom under good care. I see such an amazing allegory in them for how humanity could be transformed by such attention. The photo of the Daisy in particular illustrate that. When I rescued it, it was dried and dying with one sad spaghetti limp flower off to the side. I took it home, watered it and replanted the little fellow and a few hours later, he greeted me with the flower standing tall and proud. The next day he brought a friend! So the lesson here is love given out is always given back ten-fold. Yet now, I am running out of room as my pot garden is exploding with love.

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