A LOVELY STORY from last night's event in Dallas! I got to sign her wedding shoe…a first for me, to be sure!

Photos of Elizabeth Gilbert
Almost four years ago I moved to Dallas without knowing a soul. I was in a state of personal, emotional, and spiritual saturation. My life was stagnant, and in need of repair – some areas to which I was aware, and some yet to be revealed. I made the journey away from the familiar because of Eat Pray Love.

And some time later, when I was sitting alone outside of a coffee shop, I finished the final words to Committed, shut the cover, and my phone immediately rang. It would be the first call from my future husband. I find no coincidence in this.

And when we married, and I chose to walk myself down the aisle, I asked my best friend, my soul sister since adolescence, to write a message on the bottom of my shoe. I gave her no further instruction. Whatever she wanted to say to me to accompany my walk. Out of all the words in the world she chose those of Elizabeth Gilbert.

What I know for sure is that I am filled with gratitude for such an inspirational teacher. That I am proud to stand on the shoulders of a woman who shared her journey, so that I could go on mine. That I am not done. That I will continue to facilitate my daily rescue. To grow and gain and fight for my worth. To shed familiarity, stand with boldness, maintain my individuality even when intertwined with present companionship.

Tonight my soul skipped a beat (and I probably gave a hug that lasted a little too long). I was renewed by being in the presence of someone who has been with me all along. What I know for sure is that I am humbled by Elizabeth Gilbert. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall