A LOVELY REVIEW…and local!

Dear Everyone —

As reviews are coming in for my new novel, "The Signature of All Things", I've been sharing them on this page. Here is a sweet one from my own hometown bookstore — The Book Garden — of Frenchtown, NJ:

"I was immediately drawn into the world of the Whittakers. My heart went out over and over again to Alma, Prudence and all the other women who were at once fortunate and limited simply by the place and time of their birth. This wonderful novel was as thought-provoking as it was entertaining. I will never again look at moss without stopping to really see it! I recommend The Signature of All Things to anyone who enjoys a great read."

Caroline Scutt, Caretaker, The Book Garden.

Thank you, Caroline!

And here is a link, in case anyone is interested in pre-ordering the book. Thanks, everyone!


The Signature of All Things | Elizabeth Gilbert – The Official Website | ElizabethGilbert.com
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