A lovely new take on HAPPINESS JARS!

Hi Liz. Am writing to you from beautiful South Africa. I loved the idea of the Happiness Jar so much that I gave one to all my loved ones for Christmas – but put my own spin on them. Firstly I got my neice and nephew to help me decorate some of the jars. Then I got the two of them, and my sister's family in Oz to write messages to each person telling them what about that person makes them happy. I also spent hours collecting happiness quotes (which in itself was like taking a happiness drug). I then put all these messages in to the jars, gave them to my loved ones and explained how they should continue filling the jars up (both their own and each others!). I have also carried this one step further – at work when it is a member of my staff's birthday – they get a Happiness Jar, filled with the quotes and messages from all the staff! It has been amazing to see the effect of these jars on everyone! And of course – I have one of my very own! This also resulted in me discovering my very favourite quote of all time (just like you have a favourite word) – it is a line from Winnie the Pooh – and it just describes the most quint essential thing about happiness! Candice

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall