A little Sunday reading?

Sweet friends —

Have you read the free excerpt from my new book yet? And have you seen the beautiful gallery of all the different cover designs from publishers around the world?

If not, have a look (and a read!). I promise there are NO SPOILERS, since it's only the first pages of the novel…but I think you'll enjoy it. Go to the home page of my website, then open the link (under the groovy countdown clock) that says "CLICK TO LOOK INSIDE":


I'm curious to know which of the international covers you all like the best…I have a favorite (but I shall never tell, out of good publishing/politics diplomacy!)

Also, I'm terribly sorry to leave the excerpt on a bit of a cliff-hanger (mwah-ha-ha! EVIL LAUGH!) but if you want to pre-order the book so you can keep on reading as of Oct 1, you can do it right here:


A glorious day to all,

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