A GORGEOUS SONG, inspired by "The Signature of All Things"…

Something really lovely here, you guys. My great friend Rayya Elias (rockstar author of the kickass memoir "Harley Loco", which I've talked about on this page a bunch of times) has written a song based on SOAT.

The whole time I was writing the novel, I was reading bits of it to Rayya as I went along, and she started working on this song about a year ago, after I read her a section of the novel that was set in Tahiti. It includes the line "She came striding out of the sea like she was born for it" — which some of you who have read the book already may remember. (It's my favorite of Alma's moments.) This is also the line that is currently flashing on the big screen in Times Square, so it seemed a good moment to release the song. Because: KISMET!

Click here to play:


You can listen for free, or buy it for a dollar and enjoy again and again. I love this song! And I love my friend Rayya.

And I love it when one piece of inspiration inspires another. Let the inspiration roll!


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall