A friendship and a tribute…and a writer you should know!

Hello all —

Two nights ago, I spoke at an event in NYC with the author Isabel Allende. I was introduced by my dear friend, the writer Darcey Steinke (author of such books as MILK, JESUS SAVES, and one of the best spiritual memoirs I've ever read, EASTER EVERYWHERE.)

Darcey just shared the transcript of her introduction to me on her blog, and I wanted to share it with you…it's so beautiful.

But I also want to put Darcey in context. She is the person for whom (and to whom) I wrote EAT PRAY LOVE.

Let me explain…

I think it's an incredibly important thing to write books TO someone — to someone very specific. Otherwise you are writing in a vacuum, speaking to the empty air. With each of my books, I have chosen carefully before beginning, "Who am I talking to?" The person I choose to speak to as I write defines the whole voice of my book. Because if you ain't writing to somebody, then you ain't writing to nobody…that's what I believe.

All of which is to say: EAT PRAY LOVE was a long letter of friendship and solidarity, written to my friend Darcey — a woman who, like me, was divorced, a writer, and a spiritual and emotional seeker. Without the sense of her listening on the other end, it would have been a completely different book.

So I am grateful to her, and I love her!

And you will, too. Check out her blogs and books…they are wonderful!


Elizabeth Gilbert
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