A friend of this page sent this image today…I love it.

What have you taken off recently?

I've had a lovely experience in the last few weeks of deeper understanding about how much I am NOT in charge of the decisions that other people make — not only about their own lives, but about how they feel toward me.

It's such a simple thing to say ("What people think of me is none of my business") but to actually FEEL that truth deeper in my bones than I ever have before is giving me an extraordinary sense of lightness and possibility.

I feel like I can look at the world with more love and clarity than ever, and just say, "You do you; I'll do me" — and let it go at that. Not to say it aggressively, not to dismiss people or be contemptuous toward them, but just to know that they are on their own journey with their own perspective, and to let it be.

It feels nice to have taken that off — the mistaken sense that I need to be worried about the opinions or actions of other autonomous human beings.

It makes me like other people and myself better.

So what have you taken off? And what do you want to take off next?

All love,

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall