A friend of this page made this image, from a quote of mine and I love it!

I am so goddamn stubborn about living a happy life — about pushing toward the light, climbing up that hill toward wonder. I don't know if people realize sometimes what a full-time job it is. Waiting for happiness to fall on your head out of the sky isn't going to get you there. Stubborn gladness doesn't come out of nowhere; you fight for it. You push back against despair. I look hard for miracle and beauty and joy every day. I could look just as hard for misery and sorrow every day (and would not have any trouble finding it) but I aim myself in the other direction, with real focus and determination. It's a big job, staying afloat on contentment, but it's such a worthy job.

Anyhow, what else are you going to do with your life? Because the alternatives to fighting for happiness are all pretty lousy, right? (AS EVIDENCED EVERYWHERE.)

Fight for the light, dear ones. Fight like the devil.


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall