A beautiful photo, and a story that stirred my heart. Thank you, bless you, and welcome to the new little warrior! She is perfection.

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Hi Liz!
This is my brand new baby daughter- Nyfain Mai! She is currently 9days old. I was reading SOAT through the later weeks of my pregnancy. I havnt yet finished the book, as I put it down on the morning of 30/5/14 after finishing chapter 26. I went into labour that evening at 5pm. It was a surreal and testing experience. There were times when I felt in total harmony and co-ordination with my body, my baby and nature, and others when I completely lost it- 'plastic bag in the wind' job. It was in the darkest corner of a frantic moment that some recalled words appeared like a bolt, etched inside my forehead- that 'I did not come here to drown in 5feet of water'. That I was here to fight the good fight, to give light. And as Alma before me, I would be damned if I did not assume my warrior position in this, the 'unrelenting battle to live'. I 'rised out of the sea, like i was born from it' – at the exact moment my baby was born from my body. Into the world. Into the light.
With all that I am, I thank you. All our love from North Wales, uk- Fflur and Nyfain xxxx

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