A beautiful "Happy Two Months" birthday card for THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS by our dear sweet Facebook friend May!

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Finally December 1st!!! This date fill my heart with a big joy because Xmas is so close to us, by the way as I say 1 month ago I gonna make my own countdown until Alma met 1 year. So actually Alma is celebrating 2 months of bright to us wonderful moments. "She is her father daughter" let me say that SOAT is the first book how talk about botanic that I've read before, and let me say that I love it!! So Happy 2 months to Alma!!! This draw is also a creepy intent of make an orchid.
I so glad that spend my free time drawing, perhaps my caligraphy is awful or perhaps no.
So I go to the point.
And happy december beginning liz,all my blesses and love to you.
Yes, actually I in my school vacations 2 months free so I have time for draw!!! Thanks for bright us Alma, I also love she, I think that she is like a newborn baby, and I will celebrate every month!!! Congrats liz!! :3 :*

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall