A beautiful HAPPINESS JAR testimony — Hooray for stolen moments of joy!

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It's only February and my happiness jar seems to be almost full. I think I will need more of these. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this great idea, Liz! Thanks for your poetry, thanks for the inspiration you give me. They say time flies away but by filling my jar with my daily tiny moments of happiness I feel like I succeed to catch the time and keep it as sweet memories forever. As one of your fans said, the more you write and put in the jar, the more you got to write… The more happy moments appear!The little changes in our life are the ones which make great possitive difference. Thanks again, keep on spreading your ideas and inspiration, Liz! And you guys keep on converting your pickle jars to a magical way of catching and storing your happiness! God bless you all! :*

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall